Offsetting Black Student Opposition

With the ensuing verdict of the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision Teachers will need to develop strategies for dealing with Black student opposition. As former math teacher, the first thing that you must know is that you have a prime opportunity to enhance the classroom relationship between you and your Black students.

If Darren Wilson is indicted, Black students will feel that they have been long targets of unjustified discrimination. If Darren Wilson is not indicted they will believe that there exist a continued unjustified system of racism in the educational system. Many of the Black students are going to equate the legitimized powers that you posses in the classroom as the same power that lead to the Michael Brown shooting.

Before, I delve into how to overcome Black student opposition, we must understand the various reasons that Black students develop opposition towards White teachers.

The first source of Black student opposition is the family. Many Black parents are the product of the U.S. Educational System. Many Black parents are either relegated to the permanent underclass, work jobs that they are over qualified for, or are supervised by under qualified individuals from other ethnicities. Many of these parents have great difficulty in promoting an educational system that has failed them because of racism.

Black students eventually become aware of the devastation that the educational system has placed on their family. The see, feel, and know the devastation. When this reality sets in so does the opposition.

Many people believe that the racism is unjustified. We need only to review the statistics regarding the Raccelerate Phenomenon. The Raccelerate Phenomenon is consistent with Newton’s Third Law of Motion which states that for every action the is an equal and opposite reaction. According to the Raccelerate Phenomenon, for every action that a Black male takes against a White female the and an excessive and negative reaction towards the Black male.


This is the major reason that we have the school to prison pipeline. According to the school to prison pipeline, students are pushed out of school and into the prison system.

A recent report reveals the following:

  • 40% of the students expelled from school are Black
  • 70% of students who are arrested in school or referred to law enforcement are Black
  • Black students are 3 1/2 times more likely to be suspended from school when compared to White students
  • Black and Hispanic students are twice as likely not to graduate from high school when compared to White students
  • 68% of all males in prison do not have a high school diploma


Black students respond in opposition to an educational system that continues to deny and disrespect their culture. While schools and proponents cited various reasons for school uniforms, they effectively rejected the Black student culture while school uniform companies have made millions. In the process, not wearing a school uniform became punishable which often resulted in a disciplinary consequence. When Black students continued to transform their culture by sagging, once again the opposition to the Black student culture surfaced. Now that we have a better understanding of why Black students develop opposition to schools, I will discuss how to overcome Black student opposition. The main idea revolves around developing a classroom culture of success. You can develop a classroom of success by utilizing the following:

1. Win the Black Parent  


  • Develop a grading system where students can fail each test and still pass your class with a ‘C’. I don’t know how many times that I was confronted by an angry Black parent about their Childs grade. Once I explained that a student could get a ‘C’ by just taking notes in class and doing all of the homework, it was the student who was chastised instead of the Black parent elevating their concerns to the principal, superintendent, or school board. This works because if a child does all of the homework and takes notes in class it is almost impossible for them to fail the tests.
  • Use Academic Detention. Instead of always complaining to parents about the students behaviors, complain about their progress in your class. If a student is a disciplinary challenge, they are more than likely an academic challenge too. I would call the parent and tell them about the disciplinary challenge and then I would talk about their grades. I would tell the parent that once a week that I hold after-school academic detention and needed their child to attend. Effectively I was providing a disciplinary consequence and providing an opportunity to advance academically in the class.

2. Win the Black Students

  • Testing and Tutoring During Academic Attention. Earlier I described Academic Detention. During the academic detention, I would tutor the students. After tutoring them I would allow them to take a make-up test. This went a long way in class because they always knew that they had an opportunity to pass my class.
  • Provide the class with rewards. For my ninth grade class, the deal that I made with them was that if we can do five days of work in four days I would allow them to play chess on Friday’s. This made them monitor each other during the week because they wanted that day off. On the day off, I taught them to play chess as a way of teaching critical thinking skills (Works very well for double period classes).
  • Allow students to establish the rules and consequences. When you allow students to set the rules and consequences you empower them in your classroom.
  • Learn their verbal and nonverbal tendencies. When you learn the verbal and nonverbal tendencies of Black students you will also learn when they are disrespecting you and when they are respecting you. This will reduce Black student opposition in your class as well as racial tension in your classroom. 

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About Classroom Racism Management Specialist

Racism is a menace and so we’ve been taught for ages which is the primary need for a diversity expert. However, even in this modern society of today where we see a lot of colored celebrities performing on stage with huge fan followings and of course an Afro-America President for the USA, we are still in a phase where racism exists in all its brutal glory and has been eating away at the society like a plague. Classrooms, are one of the most affected areas where color differences and racism exists to its extremes. Even after decades of progress and a lot of communal efforts at bridging the gaps between colored students, white students and teachers, it is sad to say that the disparities still exist and are just as pronounced today as they were back in the 1950s. Colored students, even in the likes of New York City, are attending under resourced schools or have been significantly isolated and made to be unequal in regular schools. Even if the teachers are well-intentioned, perpetuating the structural racism that has taken deep roots into the fabric of our education system is a tough task and make the need for a diversity expert imperative. Teachers need to recognize the biases that exist within the classroom and also take conscious measures to address them and their own biases of course. James Baldwin once said, “it is your very own responsibility to change this society, if you think of yourself as an educated person.” Dr. Derrick L. Campbell took this quote very effectively and straight to the heart and thus this Classroom Racism Exterminator happened. Classroom Racism Exterminator is an initiative that will teach you about your duty and moral obligation towards eliminating racism from the classrooms. This is where and how you will learn about what you need to do to produce a better society that is free of biases and disparities amongst the blacks and the whites. Because we understand how classroom biases and conversations about racism are difficult and how teachers and students almost avoid the topics altogether, we have put together a range of effective methods and products to help address the problem at hand and talk meaningfully to counter issues related to race and racism in the classroom. Diversity expert Dr. Campbell understands that it takes a lot of courage to talk about race and racism and that racial issues need to be viewed through a very critical lens that can understand and attend to the pertaining aspects of racism in the classroom. And therefore through this website we have made a conscious effort to eliminate racism from the classroom and make the educational system equal and beneficial for all. We know and we understand that there are no words that can actually describe how racism feels. There are cases and everybody tends to deal with it in their own manner. Some might lash out verbally or others might just withdraw into shells. Whatever the case, people don’t talk about it openly and teachers don’t really make a conscious effort at addressing the issue. We don’t really know if our children or if the youth is learning to be educated or become racists in their classroom. Our program is focused on helping children of color and regardless of their race, their full potential. We want every student to be able to recognize and reach their full potential so that they think of themselves as responsible citizens of their country and not regard themselves as worthless human beings. Here you will find motivational books and flash card games, all of which have been designed focusing on eliminating racism completely from our classrooms. The books and the games have been consciously designed keeping in mind the American society and educational system. It is a small effort on our and Dr. Campbell’s part to help this society become a better place to live in. A little about diversity expert Dr. Campbell Dr. Derrick L. Campbell the driving force behind Classroom Racism Exterminator is a dynamic figure and a constant source of motivation for us. He has a Bachelors of Science in Electronics Engineering Technology, Math Education, a Masters in Education Administration and also holds a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership. Dr. Campbell is a well known personality throughout the nation. He has lectured at various events including the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), Iron Sharpens Iron Men’s Conference and a lot of local churches. He is a personality well dedicated towards eliminating the plague of racism from our classrooms and helping every child recognize his/her true potential not the color of their skin. He realizes how a child would feel if he/she was made to think they are worthless human beings. Diversity expert Dr. Campbell is compassionate and related to the experiences and therefore this initiative is a constant and continual effort to eliminate racism manifested in us, completely from the classroom and from our society.
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